23 Music Group LLC. Absolutely will Not accept artist submissions by snail mail, No exception. If you would like to send an artist submission, please email your website, EPK or reverbnation info to: 

 We listen to Everything and consider each properly submitted artist submission. If 23 Music Group is interested we will contact you. Please don't include attachments of any kind in your artist submission email or will not be considered.

Please include the following information in your email:

Artist name

Artist location (city, state or country)

A OneSheet bio of the Artist (100 words or less).

A description of the genre and style of your music. (Country,Christian,Rock).

A listing of all activities that you as an artist have done to promote and market yourself and/or band.

Contact information for artist spokesperson, manager or attorney.

Under 18 years of age?

No exception: Children under 18 ask your parent(s) for permission before sending any personal information over the internet for any reason. This note is not to make you mad, It's to protect you.


23 Music Group. encourages children to consult with their parents before furnishing data, parents should Always supervise their children while they are online and consider using parental control tools available from online sources. Certain security software can prevent children from disclosing online their name, address, and other personal information without parental permission. Please consult the "Consumer Assistance" page of the Direct Marketing Association home page: 

 www.OnGuardOnline.gov or http://www.the-dma.org